Dogs on Camping

Dogs are of course always welcome at Bygholm Camping.
Your dog has good opportunities for walks to the forest, lake and beach.

In Østerild 10 min. drive from Bygholm Camping is the dog forest which is fenced, so the dogs can jump around freely without a leash and get their senses used. Inside the dog forest there are some tables and benches that you can rest on while the dogs play.

Kågladning in Armtoft Vig is located 850 m from the campsite, where you can also go for a nice walk with your dog and it can have a walk in the water.

Some children and adults are afraid of dogs, so even if you know that your dog just wants to greet and sniff a little, just be aware of whether the other holidaymakers feel like greeting it.
Dogs are not allowed on toilets or in the kitchen. Likewise, your dog must not get behind the green fence by the swimming pool.
For the sake of others, it is your responsibility that dogs do not or are not a nuisance to others and that the dog is always kept on a leash.
We have set up dog hooks to "park" your dog when you are inside the store or use the facility building.
Another thing you as a dog owner should remember is to pick up the dog’s leftovers in a plastic bag and throw it in a trash can.

Dogs are also welcome in our cabins but you have to pay 5 DKK per. days, there is always dog hair that requires extra vacuuming, etc.